Vicky Arlidge Composer and Musical Comedian

vicky arlidge composer and musical comedian
Vicky Arlidge's performances as a musical comedian have reached close to 60,000 YouTube hits. In 2013 her Edinburgh Fringe show was nominated for the Funny Women Best Show Award and her comic animations have made the 'official selection' of the London Short Film Festival (2015 and 2016) and the St Albans Film Festival (2014 and 2015). She has been composing music for TV and theatre for over 20 years and has BAFTA and EMMY nominated credits to her name. Her work with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra received an Arts and Business 'Big Tick' Award. Her CDs of children's music have sold worldwide.
News Listen to Vicky's comedy agony aunt character, Penelope Pritchett, on Radio Verulam! Listen here.
I'm not the only one am I??
Some invaluable advice from Penelope Pritchett....
Since 'falling into comedy' four years ago, Vicky has performed at the Leicester Sq Theatre, taken two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe (Funny Women Best Show Nomination 2013, "Authentic and genuinely funny" **** Boxdust 2014) and performed at Glastonbury twice. She has reached the semi-finals of the Funny Women Awards and the Golden Jester Awards. She also reached the heats of the BBC New Comedy award in 2014 and 2015. In 2017 she reached the semi-finals of the Musical Comedy Awards.

"Comedy genius! I actually peed myself laughing so loud" @xsecretssmilesx

"I haven't laughed so much since my husband died" Pamela Humphreys

"Laughed all my eye make up off" @LoudBirdPR

Those St Albans ladies do love their prosecco....
I'm now known as the 'Mum can you wipe my bum?' lady.
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