Vicky Arlidge Composer and Musical Comedian


In 2010 Vicky produced the first CD ever aimed at preventing toddler tantrums - songs about brushing your teeth, getting into the buggy, eating your food, tidying up, changing your nappy and many more! Each song includes a game or hook to draw the toddler in the make the activity fun. The CD has now sold in France, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Singapore, Dubai and Russia as well as all around the UK and Ireland. Spurred on by its success Vicky produced three more CDs, this time of traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies aimed at helping little ones learn and develop through music.

"Finally a kids CD guaranteed not to drive parents mad!" (Amazon Review)


"Love it and highly recommend it for all little people!" (Amazon Review)

"The CD works absolute wonders"



sing and learn volume 1 Vicky Arlidge
sing and learn volume 2 Vicky Arlidge
And if you need proof that the tantrums busting songs really do work then click on the video clips below.....